Matthew Good concert


Matthew Good show with The Spades was on Saturday. I had a really good time. I posted a review over here.

I haven’t been up to much, just job hunting. I should probably update here more often

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This is cute.


Meaghan and I have been watching Arrested Development a lot lately – they replay it on the CBC on weekdays. Emma drew this for Meaghan. She even got the little swirly thing from the logo.

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I should be one

  Music : Margot & The Nuclear So And So\'s - Vampires In Blue Dresses

Getting quicker with the updates, I think. Last night Mom, Emma and I decided to go to the dollar store, so I took some pictures on the way and we listened to music, so it was obviously good times. whenever there was swearing in the songs I went “LALALALALA” and Emma didn’t really like that, which was amusing. We got back just in time for when my shows were on, so it was cool. (Arrested Development, House and New Amsterdam, for anyone wondering.)

Today Dad went to his step grandmothers funeral, and I only found that out halfway through the day when I went “Hey Mom? Where did Dad go?” and she went “He went to the funeral?” and then I had to hit myself for being forgetful. Well, not literally. the snow outside has a nice crust on it, but all our sleds are buried under the snow. So I brainstormed with Meaghan about what we could use for sleds, and I thought the bags that the pellets for the stove came in would be great for it. So I tried it. And I got snow all over my pants. If you connected two of them together somehow, it’d work quite well, though. Or we could shovel out the sleds we do have, that might be a wee bit easier.

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I would have updated about the trip earlier but I was still recovering. Anyways, here’s what happened:

Wednesday: Got on the bus in the morning. Not terribly exciting. Bus drive to Saint John was more amusing because the guy across from me on the bus was watching something on his computer, which I couldn’t figure out if it was an adult film or one you’d see in a movie theatre. guy in front of me was reading a magazine about illegal substances. It was more amusing than anything, really. When I got there it was raining, Addison and Kaytlyn came to pick me up and we went to get groceries. We went to the Ale House for supper, which was pretty amazing. It’s really nice inside, in the sense that I’m a sucker for buildings with wood walls and hardwood floors. The food was pretty good too. We brought along Kaytlyn’s friend Jessica, so that was fun.

Thursday: Didn’t do much until later in the day, when Chris and Jessica came over. Played a crazy amount of guitar hero (I managed to play a whole song without dying.) as well as this game Jessica brought over called Fred, which is kinda like truth or dare, but just dares. I was officially dubbed a wuss because I didn’t want to play and disqualified myself on the first one without looking at it. I was content with watching it, there were so many hilarious moments from that.

Friday: We did some shopping once we all woke up, because we’d all been up late the night before.. We were going to see Jumper but it was messed up, so we rented Sicko instead. Good movie. Jessica came over and watched it with us for awhile, too.

Saturday: I went to Fredericton on the bus, where Mom and Dad picked me up.. Otherwise I haven’t been up to much. Well, mostly just boring stuff. while I was in Saint John I downloaded some music, one thing I downloaded was the new City & Colour album, which is pretty good. I was reading the Demon Princes series by Jack Vance, all the books were in one volume which was a thousand pages.. I actually just finished that a few days ago. Which was also pretty good.

Oh, and from all the surveys I’ve been doing, I got about $100 worth of stuff of Amazon for free… I didn’t actually spend it all on music, I only bought three CD’s and otherwise got all books. I haven’t read all them yet, but I’ll get to it eventually (I bought some I’ve already read, like The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman.. I already had the first two, I just needed the last one. And Twilight, which I’ve recently gotten into.). I got a bunch of classic stuff too, which was good because they’re always really cheap. I’ll save a list of what I got for the next entry :D

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I’m terrible, I know


Neglecting my journal. I really haven’t had much to write about, though, mostly because it’s winter. Not a lot goes on worth writing about during wintertime. So, the writers strike is over. That’s really good, as I was starting to miss actually watching TV (I went 5 days one week without watching anything. Crazy, right?) so I’m glad stuff will be back. Right now Lost is on though, which is always awesome. I’ve been watching This Hour Has 22 Minutes whenever it’s on now, too, and I’ve started watching Arrested Development, which I love.

Dad bought a tractor and I got to learn how to drive it.. I’m just glad it doesn’t go super fast, because I’d quite possibly crash it (If you’ve seen me play a driving simulator, you know what I’m talking about. “How fast are you going?” “143″ “Oh, is it hard to control the car when it’s going that fast?” “Nah, not once you get used to it.”)

I’m going to visit Addison and Kaytlyn next week, should be fun. I get to take the bus all by myself again, so that should be somewhat boring, but whatever. There’s a stop in Fredericton for about 45 minutes, so I’ll have to go see Lynn (Kaytlyn’s mommy!) and stop in at the Asian convenience store on the corner (Last time we were there I got this candy that was really good. NEED MORE.) and that should be good.

Matthew Good is coming back to Fredericton. Since Mom likes his music now, we’ll be going provided we get tickets. Yay! I’m excited about it already.

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Leave me a valentine!


My Valentinr - spring90
Get your own valentinr

Feel free to leave me a valentine, even though I haven’t updated in more than a month (It’s mostly because I haven’t been up to much). I did notice that I had 10,001 pageviews though.

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What I Learned Today – An Essay On Fire Safety


Tonight, While my parents were out of the house having some alone time, I decided “Hey, I want some garlic bread.” so I hauled out the ingredients to make the dough. By the time I had the dough made, Mom and Dad were home and I said to mom “Oh, Hey, I’m making garlic bread. Want some?” and of course, she said yes. I mean, who doesn’t like garlic bread? Other than people who are lactose intolerant or can’t eat grains. Which must be really horrible, Because garlic bread is a delicious yet fattening dish. What’s not to love?

I then decided to start making my garlic butter, with some spices and stuff in it. Usually Mom just chucks some chopped up garlic in butter, but I usually just slowly melt butter and garlic in a pan. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I decided to just microwave the butter, With a clove of garlic that I cut in half and chucked in. the microwave we are currently using is only 700 watts, so you have to put things in for about twice as long as a regular microwave. So I put it in, and I watch it. After about 3 seconds, I see a flame. so I open the microwave, check it out, and sure enough, The garlic had spontaneously burst into flames. Awesome, right?

So I go into the room that Mom’s in and say “Mommy, I made fire in the microwave!” And you think that’s something that would alarm most parents, And likely ban you from using the microwave again. But no, Not my mother. she said “Really? That’s awesome! Lets go see if you can do it again!”

So we went, finished microwaving it and no flames appeared. they were slightly disappointed, But I showed them where the garlic charred, So they know it did actually light on fire. Meaghan said at first she thought I was joking, But no. I really am that awesome that I make things (such as garlic) spontaneously burst into flames.

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Emma’s birthday is tomorrow and I think she’s pretty excited. She’s having a rainbow cake too, Which is pretty sweet. I can’t believe she’s turning 7, too.

I got all my Christmas shopping done.. Well, most of it, I still have a couple things to do, but we’re going out on Thursday for a grocery run, So I’ll be able to take care of it then.

Oh, and today I was making Emma some fries, I got them out, then she said to me very seriously – “I want the French ones.”

Dad didn’t get it until Mom told him that I told Emma the other day that in the US they call them freedom fries. It was pretty cute though.

Not really much else.. Haven’t been up to much, Really, It’s been snowy and cold here, It’s only going to get colder though I suppose. Addison and Kaytlyn are coming up in a week for Christmas and I’m totally excited to see my BFF Kaytlyn, And they’re staying for longer this time so it should be good. I think we’re likely going to Aunt Boo and Leroy’s while they’re up, too, So that should be fun.

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One track mind


So I’m sitting here listening to The Libertines, which I haven’t listened to in ages. Death On the Stairs, to be specific. Which is all kinds of awesome.

So we went Christmas shopping yesterday, I got most of my stuff done, so that’s really good. I also didn’t spend a huge amount of money, so I was pretty glad about that. I’ll possibly be getting a job at some point in the future, so that should be good.

We got flavorings at the bulk barn and they’re really good, Strawberry, Watermelon and Bubble Gum. Yeah, all kinds of awesome. Also it’s Emma’s birthday soon, So I think she’s excited about that.

Yeah, I really haven’t been up to much. Really. We did go to Aunt Boo’s recently, and that was really fun. I got to download music too, so I got the Across The Universe soundtrack and it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully we’ll be going back to Boo’s soon though, It’s pretty awesome there.Also Boo watches Moonlight so we were all YEAH! and discussing it. It was terribly amusing trying to explain it to Leroy (who I just found out has an xbox 360, I’ve always been to distracted by the pool table.)

The writers strike sucks. Pretty much everything I watch is on a break right now, And soon the season will be over for most of them (When they return in January), And Lost is starting up but I don’t think they have the whole season written/filmed yet. So that pretty much sucks.

Christmas should be good, Mam, Carl, Addison and Kaytlyn are all coming up, so there will hopefully be amusing stories.

Check it out: The chintendo vii. Do you think maybe they might’ve copied someone there…?

Oh and I am now swimming in macros, because on a community there I started a weekly macro post. I’ve gotten some really good ones, though. Feel free to check out my macro folder, but with a lot of macros, probably not child safe. Personal favorites are the one with the dog and the shoes, cliff edge, the lex luthor one, Well pretty much all of them. It’s pretty much all gold. Gives me so much lulz.

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Neat idea


Check it out, I myself already thought up enough songs for 3 CD’s that I’ll be dropping around.

Also, Snow! And lots of it.

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