One track mind


So I’m sitting here listening to The Libertines, which I haven’t listened to in ages. Death On the Stairs, to be specific. Which is all kinds of awesome.

So we went Christmas shopping yesterday, I got most of my stuff done, so that’s really good. I also didn’t spend a huge amount of money, so I was pretty glad about that. I’ll possibly be getting a job at some point in the future, so that should be good.

We got flavorings at the bulk barn and they’re really good, Strawberry, Watermelon and Bubble Gum. Yeah, all kinds of awesome. Also it’s Emma’s birthday soon, So I think she’s excited about that.

Yeah, I really haven’t been up to much. Really. We did go to Aunt Boo’s recently, and that was really fun. I got to download music too, so I got the Across The Universe soundtrack and it’s pretty awesome. Hopefully we’ll be going back to Boo’s soon though, It’s pretty awesome there.Also Boo watches Moonlight so we were all YEAH! and discussing it. It was terribly amusing trying to explain it to Leroy (who I just found out has an xbox 360, I’ve always been to distracted by the pool table.)

The writers strike sucks. Pretty much everything I watch is on a break right now, And soon the season will be over for most of them (When they return in January), And Lost is starting up but I don’t think they have the whole season written/filmed yet. So that pretty much sucks.

Christmas should be good, Mam, Carl, Addison and Kaytlyn are all coming up, so there will hopefully be amusing stories.

Check it out: The chintendo vii. Do you think maybe they might’ve copied someone there…?

Oh and I am now swimming in macros, because on a community there I started a weekly macro post. I’ve gotten some really good ones, though. Feel free to check out my macro folder, but with a lot of macros, probably not child safe. Personal favorites are the one with the dog and the shoes, cliff edge, the lex luthor one, Well pretty much all of them. It’s pretty much all gold. Gives me so much lulz.

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One Response to One track mind

  1. Addison says:

    I hate stupid antispam words deleteing my text.
    moving on. . .

    can you say awesome any more frequently?

    Also, you have “serious cat”, “milk comes in bags”, and “bosoms or be gone with thee”. The 1337ness just keeps going up.