I’m terrible, I know


Neglecting my journal. I really haven’t had much to write about, though, mostly because it’s winter. Not a lot goes on worth writing about during wintertime. So, the writers strike is over. That’s really good, as I was starting to miss actually watching TV (I went 5 days one week without watching anything. Crazy, right?) so I’m glad stuff will be back. Right now Lost is on though, which is always awesome. I’ve been watching This Hour Has 22 Minutes whenever it’s on now, too, and I’ve started watching Arrested Development, which I love.

Dad bought a tractor and I got to learn how to drive it.. I’m just glad it doesn’t go super fast, because I’d quite possibly crash it (If you’ve seen me play a driving simulator, you know what I’m talking about. “How fast are you going?” “143″ “Oh, is it hard to control the car when it’s going that fast?” “Nah, not once you get used to it.”)

I’m going to visit Addison and Kaytlyn next week, should be fun. I get to take the bus all by myself again, so that should be somewhat boring, but whatever. There’s a stop in Fredericton for about 45 minutes, so I’ll have to go see Lynn (Kaytlyn’s mommy!) and stop in at the Asian convenience store on the corner (Last time we were there I got this candy that was really good. NEED MORE.) and that should be good.

Matthew Good is coming back to Fredericton. Since Mom likes his music now, we’ll be going provided we get tickets. Yay! I’m excited about it already.

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Hey, I'm Sarah, oldest daughter of the creators of this site. I'm currently 17 years old and (most likely) have headphones stuck in my ears listening to music. I also like to play guitar, Do fun things with the computer. Oh, and I'm homeschooled. But that should be a given, really...My email is sarah AT atypicalife DOT net , feel free to email me as long as you keep in mind my mother reads my email. Oh, and check out my E-Cred.
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One Response to I’m terrible, I know

  1. Aunt Glenda says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Just checking in with you. I miss seeing all you girls! Why don’t you give me a call when you’re in town?